Five for Friday

Holla for the weekend.  Time to get pumped up!

Here is a quick 5 things for Friday :)

1.  Ominous green smoothies are always improved by cute straws.

2.  Freshening up my closet with some spring/summer colors.  I have to share my massive haul soon!

3.  Finally getting in that make-up everyday routine.  I'm feeling that Loreal True Match foundation.  

4.  Keeping the music rotation fresh with Pandora and Slacker (yes, I'm branching out from my Zumba-centric Pitbull channel haha).

5.  Banking that overtime!  Lack of posting for me usually means it's a crazy work week.  I've been clocking in at least 2-3 more hours at home every night.  I can see summer vacation on the horizon!!!  

Have a great weekend :D

(Even when it's slow on here, I keep up on myfitnesspal and instagram as often as I can.  So look me up!)

On ADD, Sunsets, and the Final Rose

It totally blows my mind how quickly a week can fly by without posting.  Work has definitely picked up and I've been working hard on eliminating any distractions (aka morning blogging) and haven't been getting to writing in the evening.  After being on a computer for 9 hours a day, I found it hard to concentrate on writing an entry.

Let's get to a little 5 Things Friday!


I went to see a Neurologist today.  Thankfully for nothing scary.  I have been struggling with my ADD for years and years, especially since college exams cram sessions and out in the workplace.  I have been offered medicine by my doctor, but have not wanted to take anything for fear of being loopy or numbed out (same reason I've been avoiding depression/anxiety meds).  However, it's time.

I am feeling so much anxiety at work because I can't concentrate, I can't stay on task, I avoid working, and try to leave early to avoid another minute struggling at my desk.  It seriously feels torturous when I love my work and have deadlines and things stacking up, but I can't physically or mentally force myself to concentrate.  So my nurse practitioner referred me to the Neurologist to make sure my depression/anxiety meds wouldn't interact with something for ADD.  She agreed with the diagnosis from my nurse practitioner, but before writing prescriptions they do additional testing that includes a computer simulation and an EEG to read my brain waves.

Anyone else think that is crazy?  It reminds me of the computer simulation games from Ender's Game!  My test is tomorrow and then the EEG with be Monday.  I'll have to wait until a consultation with the Doctor (I saw a nurse practioner today) to get the official results and potential prescriptions.


I'm pumped about longer days!  Or technically, not longer days yet, but later sunsets.  My fav!


I have been watching a stalkerish amount of ItsJudysLife daily vlogs.  They have the sweetest family and just welcomed home identical twin girls.  Love their channel.  Here is today's vlog.


If you follow my pinterest, you would know I am obsessive about house plans.  I love looking at them, imagining how I would decorate, how I would add an income suite in the basement, but still have my underground safe room (I am totally planning for a crazy lady safe room for bad weather lol).

Lately I've been pinning lots of smoothie recipes.  After watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, I immediately wanted to start a juicing diet like every other person who watches that documentary.  I however could not stomach the juices at all!  I tried not to add too many fruits since they would increase the sugar levels, but I sacrificed taste.  Also, it was a hella lot of work.  You can read my exciting foray into juicing here.

I have been realizing how little (read: none) fruits and veggies I get in a day.  I thought I would try adding smoothies with lots of spinach and berries to add some added nutrients to my diet.  I am looking forward to trying that next week.  I am going to keep a check on my sugar intake cause this girl goes up 10 pounds just looking at carbs.


Oh, the Bachelor.  Glad that season is over just like every other viewer in America.  I remember watching the first season (oh my god, that was over ten years ago) and haven't watched them since.  I got back into watching them (thanks to Sean and his season) with my roommate.  I love the This is Reality podcast I found featuring former Bachelor Jason and his season's runner-up, now wife, Molly.  They share a slice of their life now, after Bachelor and recaps and discussions on the show.

I have a ton of other assorted podcasts I've found lately that I will eventually get around to sharing.  Listening to people talk is a great distraction for me while driving.  A little comedy, doesn't hurt either.

Have a great weekend everyone :)