Under Construction

It's been awhile folks.  Actually, not as long as it feels in my bones!

My life is seriously under construction right now!  In the next months I will be starting a new job, moving out of my rental house, and back into an apartment (but this time living by myself- grown-up girl status achieved!).

Time to whip out some dance moves in celebration.

I will be around, but not as absent...hopefully.

Follow me on instagram or facebook (any updates on social media all update there) and I'll try to avoid becoming a stranger!

Five for Friday

Holla for the weekend.  Time to get pumped up!

Here is a quick 5 things for Friday :)

1.  Ominous green smoothies are always improved by cute straws.

2.  Freshening up my closet with some spring/summer colors.  I have to share my massive haul soon!

3.  Finally getting in that make-up everyday routine.  I'm feeling that Loreal True Match foundation.  

4.  Keeping the music rotation fresh with Pandora and Slacker (yes, I'm branching out from my Zumba-centric Pitbull channel haha).

5.  Banking that overtime!  Lack of posting for me usually means it's a crazy work week.  I've been clocking in at least 2-3 more hours at home every night.  I can see summer vacation on the horizon!!!  

Have a great weekend :D

(Even when it's slow on here, I keep up on myfitnesspal and instagram as often as I can.  So look me up!)